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What is a Real Estate Personal Shopper?

by adqa, May 15, 2014

It is important to differentiate a real estate agency a personal adviser.

A personal advisor or personal shopper never has a portfolio of properties, since he works exclusively and personally for the buyer. An agency or real estate agent works for the seller and therefore has only its portfolio to provide various properties.

The fact of having no ties or interests with the selling part means we are only to defend the buyer’s side and avoids any conflict of interests.

Our professional profile helps our customers by alocating all available properties that fit his needs, minimizing the number of visits which entails a significant time savings for our client. At the same time our ability to negotiate guarantees significant savings in the purchase price that widely justifies our fees.

The figure of real estate shopper staff is deeply rooted in many countries and it’s an intermediary that guarantees success when acquiring a property.

We are not traders because we do not sell, we are used to buying negotiations  and to improve the conditions that are generaly set in the property market.

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